To Think Or Not? To Reach Or Not? Those Are The Questions.

I think it’s pretty well accepted that if one has to ask, “What was she thinking?” she probably wasn’t thinking. I did that a few days ago. I did something really scary and did it before I filtered or second guessed myself.

I found myself in a “between” situation. You know, one of those should-I-say-something-or-be-quiet things. If I reach out and say what I want I’m vulnerable to censure, rejection, who knows what. If I don’t say anything it will stay here with me and eat away slowly during the rumination that seems to come almost automatically with these situations. What I had to say was a reaching out, where do we stand question, not a diatribe by any means. Well, I reached out, said what I had to say and all is well! So actually it wasn’t scary until after the fact and I asked THE question…What was I thinking?

Today I find myself in the same situation, different players, different scenario.And again I did not ask THE question until after the fact. Oops. I said what I felt I needed to say and am being called on the carpet as the saying goes. Now I am at the what was I thinking stage. I thought I was being courteous in letting others know of an action I took.  An action that was needed, helpful, involved no one personally, but now I find bruised someone’s ego. Do I leave it alone, allowing the other party to cope with their reaction? Do I reach out?  Do I, in a compassionate heart, let her “fix” herself, fix the seeming wrong she has done me?
Reach? Think? React? Explain? Is this a bridge to nowhere? Those are the questions that befuddle all of us one way or another. Sometimes we find answers. Sometimes we don’t.


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