If you talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk

Yesterday I listened to a city official speak. He is nameless here because it’s not about the personality. It’s about the demonstration of righteousness. He was all about the process…and getting it right. In fact he said about one specific item that he really didn’t care one way or another about the outcome. He did care that a system was in place that allowed the process to work so that it functioned and led to a decision that was right. Right meaning the project and options were thought through thoroughly so that the project would not have to be revisited and the final decision changed in six months or a year. His willingness to park ego at the curb and let the process work regardless of personal preference impressed me as a rare commodity in any public servant. It reminded me of Mary Baker Eddy’s sentiments about losing the self and freeing one’s thought from the bondage of self-will. “To talk the right and live the wrong is foolish deceit, doing one’s self the most harm.” (Science and Health p. 56) And I might add, betrays the trust of those on whose behalf you are employed. This official is pretty sure he will be moving on one day. My city will be the poorer for his leaving, but richer for his having been here.


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