Darkness Go Lightly

I live in a light house. Oh, a lighthouse you mean? No. A light house. A house full of light. I noticed it again today as I went from one room to another. I was facing a window and light was just streaming in to a fare-thee-well.

When I first moved here, my yellow car faded to nearly white in a matter of two years. It was approaching vintage status so I had it repainted and thus discovered the reason for Clear Coat paints. Be gone you UV damage.

I also noticed as a newbie to the Texas Gulf Coast that the sun was extremely bright…even on cloudy days. As I was house hunting I was startled by the number of houses I went into that were relatively dark, some almost cave-like, all with pulled drapes or closed blinds. Again, the sun was the culprit. Too much damage to furniture, wall decorations, whatever. It took some looking to find a neighborhood that I could be comfortable in light-wise.

Well, my house is about 12° off due east and west so the sun doesn’t beat in the east windows during the day…although the den is warmer, temperature-wise than the rest. And though, at certain times of the year, sunset hits one square in the eye on the west side, that is a small price to pay for sunshine. I have my blinds open all the time and adjust them as needed, but they are never fully closed and thus a “light” house.

I grew up in light. I had the way back bedroom…windows on three sides! And I don’t mean one window per wall. I mean three walls of windows. It was glorious. And obviously, I see now, significantly influential in my need for light. I had a pen-pal (remember those?) who lived in Alaska. I’d never make it there!

As I thought about this idea of living in light, I expanded it to include lightness of  “without.” I often go through closets and cupboards and ask them to vomit unnecessary items. Those things I never or seldom use, those things I have lost interest in or that have become meaningless. Those things I can live “without.” That always lifts a burden I didn’t even realize was a burden until I felt the lightness.

And that led naturally to lightness of attitude. If I can purge unwanted belongings, I surely can purge ugly attitudes. Yes. A weight lifted. Light as a feather. Living in a light house.


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