Compelling diversions, distractions and procratinators

It just happened again. I started to do one simple little thing and it immediately and without Malice Aforethought evolved into the murdering of 20 innocent minutes. I picked up a dust bunny off the floor and went to throw it in the wastebasket in a bathroom.

That done successfully, I noticed the scent effuser was low on those smell-good wax cubes so I went to the closet to get more. Yes, I know, effuser is not a word, but it should be…you know exactly what I mean by it. That at least one closet shelf had not been cleaned recently was obvious. You’ve been there. Your innate sense of order will not let you leave a new distraction until you have conquered it. Or maybe it’s procrastination about getting those taxes, dishes, or laundry…whatever.

So you all know what happened next.  The tub of batteries got straightened and revealed that Ihave more 9v batteries than I will ever need, 3 watch batteries I should have known about before I bought that last one, and enough D cell flashlight batteries to get me through the next lights-out storm in fine fashion. Oh, here’s an open box of Kleenex? Recyclable trash comes out at a respectable amount…mostly pieces of cellophane wrappers and plastic (from those battery packages), but also one empty metal can. Oh, and here is that real pine-wood-chip incense that smells so good…in a pewter can with seashells on the top. Yeah, that makes sense, I said to myself satirically. Let’s put this in front where I can see it. Nails and screws get put in their respective drawers in that multi-drawer cabinet thingy that most people keep in the garage.

Laundry? Dishes? No, but least that shelf is done.

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