So. Here’s my D. C. metro, good Samaritan story.

Many years ago, I worked at USO in downtown Washington. I lived about two blocks from the subway and rode it every day. One day it was very sunny and as I went down the stairs into the train platform, I had to wait a second for my eyes to adjust to less light.



When I got to the bottom, I moved to the side and grabbed the railing because I felt my knees beginning to buckle. I did not completely pass out, but everything was a blur. Suddenly I heard a voice asking, “Are you alright?” I don’t know if I answered, but I felt two strong arms scoop me up and the person they were attached to ran carrying me over to the booth where the station attendants sat me on a stool and then started asking stupid questions like, “are you pregnant?” Are you sure you’re not?” [I was thin then, by the way.] My sight cleared and eventually I called one of my co-workers and he came and got me. Evidently, it was just the change from very light and hot to relatively darker and cooler that caused a temporary disorientation.

I remember seeing, out of the corner of my eye, the man who carried me standing in the back of, by now, many gawkers, watching. He had a concerned versus curious look on his face which is how I knew it was him. He left and I never did get to thank him. I can only assume he knew he had done a very good deed that day and to this day I am grateful.


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