Everything old is new again: Good Use of Old Stuff versus Abandoned Eyesores

My aunt gave me a couple of letters my dad wrote to her when he was in pilot training at Ellington Field during WWII. That was cool because it answered for me the question why he flew the plane he did. It also sent me wondering if the airfield is still in use. A definite yes. And it also made me wonder what other innovative, creative repurposing is going on with BIG stuff like architecture…as opposed to the small everyday stuff like popsicle sticks into trivets. Here are just a few examples.

Commissioned as a military aviation training facility in the 1917, Ellington Airport (EFD), Houston’s third airport is coming out of the shadows with a new taxilane,

three active runways and provides 24-hour air traffic control services. It is also home to many tenants including the Texas Army National Guard, Delta Connection Academy and NASA.


Cinncinati Union Terminal. Magnificent restoration. Now Cinncinati Museum Center, this place has museums, art, shows, event space and more. I went to a wedding reception held here in the late ’90s. It is an awesome venue.


Elevated train tracks


NY Elevated  Tracks

Phoenix/click on the grey dots for pictures


Bankside Power Station is a former oil-fired power station, located on the south bank of the River Thames, in the Bankside district of London. It generated electricity from 1952 to 1981. Since 2000 the station’s building has been used to house the Tate Modern art museum.




Housing. Yeah, I could do this…the creative possibilities are endless!




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