Purple is kind of mysterious.

  • Deep or bright purples suggest riches.
  • Lighter purples are more romantic, delicate, and feminine.
  • Redder purples warm up your color scheme while the bluer purples are cool baby, cool.
  • Your choice which one describes Prince Rogers Nelson who was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Stone Temple Pilots also sing of Purple, but not Purple Rain.
  • Purple in France is fashion in a magazine.
  • Purple prose is not the blue some people think it is.

When I was a child I was given an amethyst geode by a rock-hound friend of my dad. I got to watch him open the stone  and we were all surprised by the gem inside. I also have a beautiful amethyst geode that belonged to my MIL as her b-day was in Feb. Purple was my favorite color long after the little girl “purple is my favorite color” stage. At 16 I was allowed…after considerable contentious pleading…to paint my bedroom purple. That violates all Feng-shui sensibilities, but what did I know…or care? But purple is also connected to spirituality and healing , which, if you believe in this stuff, would account for some of my best other-worldly thoughts and prayers.

In the history of cryptography, Angōki B-gata, codenamed Purple by the United States, was a diplomatic cryptographic machine used by the Japanese Foreign Office just before and during World War II.

Purple Heart medals are awarded to US servicemen wounded in combat.

And now I find there is a “Purple Economy”. Defined as that part of the economy which contributes to sustainable development by promoting the cultural potential of goods and services.

The 2nd International Purple Economy Forum took place, appropriately in Abu Dhabi with the theme “The cultural challenges of the globalized economy”.

Purple is a term sometimes used for governments or other political entities consisting of parties that have red and blue as their political colours. It is of particular note in two areas: in the politics of the Netherlands and Belgium and in the politics of the United States.

And of course there is Barney…a category unto himself!iuPurpleheart

Barney Hero Shot.

Barney Hero Shot.


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