Adult coloring

What if we lifted our eyes to the sunlit sky and let our hearts open to the thought that the idea of color is internal, not external? That every skin color is just as beautiful and radiant as any “color that is lovely in the rainbow or the flower, every hue that is vivid in a ribbon or sombre in the grave harmonies of some old Persian rug, the metallic luster of the humming bird or the sober imperial yellow of precious china.” Samuel Pierpont (Langley, 1889: The New Astronomy)

Color is only a name given to the collective effect of sun, retina and optic nerve on something, not the thing itself, just as a number is a representation, a name for a concept, not the number itself. Color is non-existent without a watchful eye and alert brain to interpret the sensation of color.

What we see as color is an inexplicability from the sun that animates a sensation in our eye and is then interpreted internally according to our biased experiences, culture, thinking, education.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” has more behind it than the now well-worn cliche from Margaret Wolfe Hungerford’s 1878 novel Molly Bawn. Beauty and the object or person observed exist only in the eye that sees it. Arguably skin is not the person. But it does manifest that way IF we let our prejudices control the interpreting of our mental impressions.

It is in each of us to dig deep within, ferret out the sound bites, the knee-jerk reactions, the media hype, erase the unfounded, the opinionated, to examine our own beliefs and then, and only then, act on the “lovely”, the “vivid”, the ‘luster” of color and what it really means as applied to mankind and his future.


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