Keep those wheels o’rollin’

I’ve done a lot of traveling. You must know by now my husband and I love road trips. Usually we keep to state highways and little used back roads, but on our latest venture because the destination, not the journey, was the important thing, we took to interstates.  This meant we traveled with trucks…big trucks…semi’s.  We travelled 3700 plus miles through eleven states and saw, I am sure with no exaggeration, hundreds of thousands of trucks.

We saw trucks with logos which made it pretty easy to guess their cargo. UPS, Fed Ex, Staples, HEB, Moving vans, Dollar Store, US Mail trucks, that sort of thing. We saw cattle being hauled and we saw so, so many unlabeled trucks you had NO IDEA what was inside. We saw tractors trailing tractors backward. For those unfamiliar with the terms…The tractor is the front where the engine and the cab with the driver is and where 10 of the 18 wheels are. The trailer is the back, the box or flatbed that holds the cargo and which cannot move on its own.

We saw car carriers, boat carriers, squashed-car carriers, pick-up carriers, Maserati carriers with each vehicle carefully shielded in its own monogrammed cover! We saw tankers, milk tankers, chemical tankers, gas tankers, oil tankers. We saw an unknown but HUGE number of flatbeds loaded with strange, secretive shaped mounds covered with plastic or tarps. Travel with me as I list  some of the stuff I saw on those that held their cargo open to view:  lumber, PVC pipe, steel pipe, rusted pipe, farm tractors, farm equipment, huge road building equipment, tires large and small, one tire so HUGE it had the truck to itself, equipment the function of which I have NO CLUE, manifolds for pipelines, assorted valves, a convoy of wind turbine blades…one to a truck,  another convoy with sections of the towers…one to a truck, over-size loads of house trailers, a double-wide, strangest of all was a SUBWAY CAR…until we realized we were close to an exit that would lead that particular truck to New York or Washington, (some states require escort cars for over loads, some don’t it seems), solar panels, golf cart under carriages, auto chassis, fertilizer, bags of unnamed somethings, small travel trailers, camper shells for pick-ups, the crane part of cranes, rusted cars obviously destined for the junk yard, HUGE spools of cable and wire…rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…


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