A child’s garden of mind travel

I think one reason travel doesn’t interest me is that real travel can never measure up to the trips I took in my imagination to those faraway places. That and the fact that I’m afraid to fly and don’t like crowds. ~J. Michael Orenduff

My great-aunt Margaret used to take me to what were called travelogues. Basically they were what would now be a video about some faraway and maybe exotic place in the world. These were, however, movies made for and shown on “the big screen.” The venue was a building called Hoyt Sherman Place. It was once the palatial home of pioneer and businessman Hoyt Sherman and had, among other niceties, a theater. Parts of it have been open to the public since the late 1800’s. Anyway we went on Wednesday nights to view films about other countries and cities. Aside from the special warmth I felt being out with my aunt, I was fascinated by the travelogues.

I’m sure there was one about Holland. Well, I’d been to Pella Iowa and seen the tulips. And I’d been to Tama  for the Indian pow-wows (before they became commercialized), and The Dells and what sites to me, then, were exotic enough.

Perhaps, as Orenduff says, my imagined travels are better than the actual thing of it. I am not, like him, afraid of flying. I love it. I do not like crowds.


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